Porcchetta Publishing is the creation of Barbara McNeely as part of her quest to help non-fiction authors get their message out to the world. We focus primarily on non-fiction authors who have a story from their heart. Perhaps it is their own struggle and how they overcame it. Or it could be their part in someone else’s story.

We provide publishing services for the self-published author. We help you to get your book published. At all times, you retain all of the rights (and all of the royalties) to your creative work.

The term self-publish is a bit of a misnomer. The goal of the self-published author should be to produce a book of the same quality as traditionally published books. Attention to detail is important.

When Barbara first self-published, there were a lot of lessons to learn. It is her goal, through Porcchetta Publishing, to help other self-published non-fiction authors through that learning curve.

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