Consulting & Training

Self-Publishing Consulting & Training by Porcchetta PublishingPorcchetta Publishing knows that, as an author, you’ve been focusing on your writing. Yet there is much more to publishing your book. In today’s world, you need to do much of the marketing yourself, even with a traditional publisher. We offer consulting and training in the following areas.

Author Website Evaluation

How does your website stack up? Is it findable? Does it have the information needed for an author website? Is it responsive – an important feature in today’s mobile world. We can do a full evaluation of your website for you.

Don’t have a website? Porcchetta can help with website creation too!

Amazon Author Page

Do you have an Amazon Author page? It’s a page you can create to showcase all of your works available on Amazon. You can see an example here. Porcchetta Publishing can help you set up your Amazon Author page.

Facebook – Author Page

As an author, it’s a good idea to have a page on Facebook dedicated to your writing. It’s a good place for you to keep your fans current on your activities. Porcchetta can walk you through the set up process.

WordPress Training

Porcchetta Publishing has been working in WordPress for over ten years. We were doing WordPress before it was cool! If you need help in learning your way around WordPress, we offer training. Are you wanting a website built with WordPress, visit our website services page.

For more information on any of our consulting or training services, visit our services inquiry page to tell us about your needs.

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